Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here it is, my official list of things I want to do before I die!

The items in RED are those that have been accomplished already - with the dates/places of their accomplishment and picture for proof (and remember, you can always click on the pic to see it larger).

In no particular order of importance:

1. Go inside Cinderella's Castle at Disney World (like to the Cinderella Castle Suite).

2. Go on a cruise.

3. Hike on the Incan Trail in Peru (10/18-21/11)

4. Learn a dance.

5. Drive a Mini Cooper.

6. Ride in a hot air balloon.

7. Try surfing. (8/4/08 in California)

8. Ride in a fighter jet.

9. Go to the top of the Emerson (Bromo Seltzer) Tower in Baltimore (its my favorite building in Baltimore).

10. Splash like a kid in a big fountain (7/12/06 in Chattanooga, TN)

11. Swim with dolphins.

12. Go on a roadtrip and take everything as it comes (7/11-8/2/06 from MD to CA [1] AND 7/19-8/17/08 around the US [2]).

Roadtrip 1

Roadtrip 2

13. Learn to make pottery.

14. Learn a unique talent.

15. Sing a solo.

16. Relearn to crochet.

17. Be outside in a hot tub while it is snowing.

18. Go to a Broadway play in NYC (2/17/07 [The Phantom of the Opera], 5/26/07 [Beauty and the Beast], 5/27/07 [Tarzan]). I have also seen traveling Broadway's Les Miserables twice.

19. Be fluent in Spanish.

20. Learn sign language.

21. Save a person's life.

22. Go to New Zealand (see where they filmed Narnia and LOTR).

23. Go to Israel - walk where Jesus walked.

24. Go to a Rascal Flatts concert.

25. Attend a major sporting event (ie. World Cup, Stanley Cup Finals, Superbowl, US Open (9/05/09, 9/05/10), Olympics, etc.)

26. Be an extra in a film (11/20/07 in Florida)

27. Buy my own place (7/17/09)

28. Shake a President's hand.

29. Go on a safari (12/12&15/07, 9/22/08 at Animal Kingdom in Disney World (I am counting it for now, since it is a real, just mini, safari but I would still like to do one in Africa!)

30. Watch a real tornado (from a reasonably safe distance).

31. Stand on the Great Wall of China (July 3, 2009).

32. Take a photography class.

33. Go to a real Drive-In movie (6/6/08 at Bengies).

34. Go to a rodeo.

35. Stay in a 5 star hotel and order room service.

36. Do the spa thing (5/?/11 in Spain).

37. Wi
n something good (6/9/10 - The priceless mini Stanley Cup for winning the playoff pool!).
Final results:
Kristin: 7125
Bill: 6800

Marie: 6650
Christine: 6350
Mandy: 6350
Regina: 5900

Katie: 5800
Mark: 5400
Kate: 5275

Joe: 4300

Everyone did well this year. Kate, Joe and Mark took some risks and unfortunately they did not always work out, but the results were still pr
etty good. Katie and Regina had solid showings and somehow Christine and I managed to end four rounds with identical scores. My parents both did well, but nobody even had a shot against Kristin. She had it locked up as soon as the Round 4 picks were submitted. Her performance was epic, taking first or second place in all four rounds. Talk about consistency. The mini Stanley Cup will be presented to her next week. Congrats Kristin!

38. Take an awesome lightning picture.

39. Ride in a helicopter (not medivac).

40. Attend a movie premiere (5/7/08 Christine a
nd I got into the after party of Prince Caspian and met the entire cast!)

41. Bike ride through the streets of a small European town.

42. Go on a C.S. Lewis' Life Tour.

43. Yell off of the Brooklyn Bridge - Newsies style (5/26/07)

44. Get balcony box seats at a play.

45. Hold a Koala Bear.

46. See Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights!)

47. Throw a ring into molten lava. :)

48. Tour the Warwick Castle in England.

49. Stay in a Manhattan Hotel (5/25-26/07, 5/7-8/08)

~The Warwick Hotel


50. Visit Prague (12/23-26/10).

51. Go cage shark diving.

52. See a Cirque de Soleil show.

53. Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

54. Stand at the end of a rainbow.

55. See Newsies on Broadway!!!

56. Visit Highclere Castle (The setting of Downton Abbey)

And these things are in process:

57. Go to all 50 states (I have been to 45 states so far. I am missing: Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, Alaska and Hawaii)

58. Go to the countries of my ancestry (Germany [5/14-21,30-31/2003], England [6/27-7/1/2011), Finland, Ireland [7/2-5/2011]).




59. Eat more cheese (I have tried cheeses from the following countries: Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, The Netherlands, Scotland, and of course the USA). This one will always be continuous, but the cheese a holic that I am, I needed it on my list. :)